Don’t worry, you wont even hear the hammer drop

Confetti to your brains! I wanna see it POP!

The lost battalion I have found

Tubman showed us the underground

Let freedom RING!

Swore Martin Luther King!

he used his voice

Knowing his life dangled on a string

Like he was thrown in a boxing ring

Big screen, buffalo wild wings

I crave her good good

Sweet as cookie dough

Don’t fear the crow, Edgar Allen Poe

I have the Lord on my shoulders, Tim Tebow

Infection grow, slow I know, tuxcito bow,

big afro, neon glow, big bio, creepy hoe,

private show, hard blow, way below,

touch your toes row row row yo boat, Deep throat!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow



Walking down this cold dark lonely road
I feel so much pain and sad and hurt down in my soul
Wondering will i ever see your face again
And will the weight on my heart ever be in

when I open up my eyes I miss you
Everytime I fall asleep I miss you
I wanna scream and shout I miss you
Every day It’s all about how i miss you
Everytime I close my eyes I miss you
Every day I’m walking the streets to be near you
When I drop my beat I feel you
How can I help you start to know how I miss you

it’s little things I miss the most
At home with my son I’m sharing the mic post
When we’re suddenly overcome
With the smell of my wife’s roast
And we both knows to finish the song
I’m spitting he’s hitting the right notes
If yall were sitting here hearing it
You would be swearing It couldn’t be white folks
And I might bost
Cause all that I have to grasp are weapons and rifles
I will go where the fight goes
As long as I’m reppin my brothers disciples
But a light goes
Memories die and I cant see the eyes of my son
And I welcome the day to lay down my gun
And into my arms he will run

I open up my eyes when I miss you
Everytime I fall asleep I miss you
I wanna scream and shout I miss you
Every day It’s all about how i miss you
Everytime I close my eyes I miss you
Every day I’m walking the streets to be near you
When I drop my beat I feel you
How can I how can I help you know how much I miss you
every time i miss you so


I’m comin at you like fire now!

Look me in the face


Give me a minute to speak my mind

I need to say it before I leave you behind

I lead a nation with a microphone

I let her wear my crown

“Daddy!” is all I hear her moan

I give her a stack then I send it packing

I leave my mark

Her boy know who she’s whacking

Sign up sheets on the wall

I’ll teach you how to make that pussy purr

Oh that was your girl?

I thought I recognized her

I catch that green

I’m the best wide receiver

My juice will make you sick

Diagnosed bieber fever

Out it comes shooting stars

Every day it will rain, Bruno Mars

She give me that bubble gum

So I gotta chew

I robotisize her thighs

R2 her D2

I whip that hair back and forth, black thong

She know how to finish off, Lowie Armstrong

Damn for an amateur I’m pretty good

Representing like a true white kid should

No! I wasn’t raised in the hood

But to you haters I give my attention, morning wood



She thinks she safe in them skinny jeans, shirt undone

Just can’t remember names, but I always have fun

But no matter how many girls I lone

There is just no place like home

I roll up in my Lexus

Not everything flat in Texas

She really liken my flavor

Please baby do me one favor

Can you please show me those D cups

That soft strap, no push-ups

Chuching! I just banked her

When we done I always thank her

Because really, I admire your effort

She leave, still in her jeans let it rain

She fall asleep, choo choo train, always dream of my cane

I might be white, but I’m a gangsta, Lil Wayne

And next Friday night…. do it all again



"When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest."

- Linkin Park

Practice what you preach nigga, practice what you preach

You think you can text me all day? Write me a speech!?

Take my own words and jumble them around?

I’mma bout to take you face and shove it into the g-g-g-ground!!!

If you already know I’m the best, then why do you try?

Cuz behind that fake smile I see the fear in your eye

You can’t follow my path, so step aside junior

Even Ricky Bobby couldn’t handle this cougar

Coast to coast, who loves him the mosta?

Even Chuck Norris has my autographed posta!

“I don’t give a sh*t!” Oh yes ya’ll heard me

Even Superman sleeps with my name on his jersey

Now take your thumb and shove it up your butt

Before you even dare call me a slut



She smiled when I touched her feet

Do you wanna kick it in the Back seat

The throne is what I seek

So how about I take a seat?

I still seem to stay all meek

Watch my butt while I reach my peak

Cuz like my wallet my pride is fat

To my haters I tip my hat

Open wide, here comes bat!

I might as well call you Perry

Cuz you definitely fly like a Fairy

I laugh it off like I’m  Jim Carry

Oops, did I pop your cherry?

Cuz that don’t smell like cranberry

You think you can dish the dirt!?

Why is it my heart you tryin hurt

And you say you represent the church?

Watch out Ill spit in your eye

I flattin your spirits you little fly

It would be wise to not deny

These words that flow on bye

You won’t survive even if you tried

I Flip flip flip I’m flyin high

Just one year and and I say “Goodbye!”

No more tryin to make this work

I’m chuckin up my deuces to her.